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this is all around gasoline engines only...

For a smooth engine run four things are needed in the right amount, at the right time, in the right place:

air + fuel + compression + spark

The air intake, sparkplugs and compression are typically taken care of  during the normal service, filter change ,
spark plugs optimization , synchronization , valve clearance etc. are normal issues for our ToDo list .

 The fuel supply and mixture preparation , those components that do supply the energy to the engine are
usually assumed to be working perfectly for engines with injection and subjected to no further maintenance .

(funny actually , that we used to clean carburetors on a regularly basis in old days..)
Here lies an untapped potential for improvement, that can now be implemented.


Injectors are maintenance parts.

Fuel Injectors lose their original properties, typically measurable after 30-40,000 KM,
(but also after prolonged exposure or contaminated fuel, for example, water in the tank)
noticeable, depending on the machine, usually after about 40-50,000 KM.
Two cylinder engines are more sensitive to discrepancies in fuel amount injected than three or four cylinder engines.

 Engines run much smoother with less vibes and accelerate faster
with injectors that do inject uniformly accross the entire RPM range.

Brand new injectors without synchronising already show tolerances in amound of Fuel suplied, 
far from Optimum.
Thus modern engines use lambdas per cylinder for Fuel synchronisation during run.
Same smoothness in engine run now possible on older bikes as well.... 
The ignitability of the air-fuel mixture and thereby the engine running is positively influenced 
by optimizing the atomization using modern injectors vs older styles.

Modern injectors atomize significantly finer than those of the first generation.

The injectors offered here are tested dynamically accross the RPM Range 
and put together sets with minimal deviation in Petrol supplied.
All the positive feedbacks to be read in different forums are essentially based on this principle.

Since there is no industrial standard for matching and sorting Fuel Injectors, and common methods developed for car applications do neither using fine enough instuments nor hard enough testparameters to produce reproducable and tight enough matching, we habe developed both, test equipment with high resolution measurement instruments and Testparameters to achieve best engine run in Motorbikes, only those sets of injectors that do fullfill those strikt Specs are..



An additional effect to matching can be achieved in improving atomization, as icing on the cake.

Changing Injectors from older style to modern once with better atomization
without dynamically synchronizing the injected Volume,
can have a negative effect to the engine run.
Therefore we only offer synchronous Injectors in Sets.

for :

Maniac-Motors e.K.


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